Cemetery Place


Cemetery Place is a fantasy drama in a strange Pleasantville-like neighborhood somewhere between life and death where Stephanie Livingstone has arrived. She finds herself with the likes of Heath Ledger, Prince, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Jimi Hendrix, Natalie Cole, Amy Winehouse, Jesus Christ, Robin Williams, David Bowie, Brittany Murphy and Whitney Houston.

This strangely perfect place can be explained as her subconscious most likely, her unconscious world where she temporary resides, a destination where she soon realizes she is neither conscious nor dead. Where given the right trigger, she might have a second chance and return to the life she once knew, only if she can accept the precious opportunity to live.

Stephanie establishes relationships with the celebrities on Cemetery Place, all the while learning interesting antidotes about their characters that only a personal friend would. She finds herself becoming closest to Brittany Murphy as she shares something in common with Brittany, that they both are at a loss of why Brittany has died. Brittany soon learns from Stephanie the sad news that her husband also died of the same mysterious reason.

Stephanie vows to help and find more information about Brittany’s demise by visiting the past through flashbacks. Stephanie returns in a spiritual form to the moments leading up to her arriving on Cemetery Place. And all becomes apparent that her husband’s actions have been criminal and he may have caused her demise.

As her relationships on Cemetery Place mature, Stephanie finds that Natalie Cole is a positive influence. Robin regrets suicide. Prince asks Stephanie to check in on Love 4 One Another Charity. Jesus tells of his wish that people have their own strength and not lean so much on him. Martin Luther King asks about the plight of racism. And on and on, Stephanie finds it all a bit overwhelming at first, than she embraces it all. Everybody gets a turn.

Stephanie soon learns the secret from her celebrity friends, how to return to live again. It’s a hard task, even a battle. Finally, she awakes, conscious, no longer on Celebrity Place, and in her hospital bed, with her experience of Cemetery Place in tack, remembering it all, as if she lived it.

Her sister and brother, and daughters are by her side. Everyone but her husband. She reaches for a phone and asks Siri for a family attorney and makes an appointment then and there. Divorce is imminent.

Embracing her new life, Stephanie finds the energy to investigate Brittany’s death. Although the combination of Brittany’s life style of prescription drugs and weakening health due to the black mold infestation was real, some other forces seem to be at play. It’s possible that somebody associated with the property wanted to kill Brittany and her husband.

Stephanie is physically attacked as she gets closer to the truth. She solace on
http://cemeteryplace.com where in addition to reaching out to document her experience. She receives a trove of entertaining communication of all sorts in response to her experience.

As the suspense mounts and the danger mounts, the forces of Cemetery Place are summoned, and they join a quest to save Stephanie which they do successfully. In the end she finds the start of a new romance with herself, a love for herself and everything good around her. Cemeteryplace.com is the hero. Stephanie is hero.

Cemetery Place starts with the movie and then the TV series. Who wants to be involved?