D’Urban “Jump” Poetic Version

D’Urban “Jump” Poetic Version
Played in Asia in Theaters & Television
Location: Los Angeles
Produced & Directed by Ron Cobert
Art Director: Zen Shinohara

The day was long and the sky was low. As we approached afternoon, we waited for the cloud cover to pass. Biting our finger nails, the first jump was unsuccessful. The skydivers missed the target and landed in the Staple Center parking lot next to a school bus full of kids. The second try was the last. Sunset approached, and under the orange LA sky the world class skydivers, Jeremy Peters, Greg Gassen, Omar Alheglan, and Kimm Wakefield, headed by air camera Joe Jennings, hit their mark on top of building passing over downtown LA, over the 110 freeway. Amazing! Beautiful! Love you guys and gal. Everything was riding on that landing.