Influenced by Glory


STORY (based on Aline Hernandez’s True Story from the international best seller “ALINE La Gloria Por El Inferno”}

Aline Hernandez loses her father at the age of 7 in a horrible car accident. Her mother Josie becomes responsible for Aline and her little sister Yoyo. To compensate for the loss of her father, Aline develops a strong passion for music, writing, singing and dancing, performing for her family and friends every chance she gets. At the age of 13, Aline and her friends go to an album signing of a popular music star. In the midst of screaming fans, Aline is approached by Gloria Trevino, later known as the infamous Glory Trevi, “You know, I was observing you. My manager, Sergio Andrade has a school of young performers I think you would be right for. Wouldn’t you like to be a model, actress, or singer? Excited, Aline responds, “Yes I would love to.” Gloria continues, “We are holding auditions to give away scholarships.” To be discovered in the street, to be chosen among the masses, to be the performer she had always wanted to be? Now, all she needed was to convince her mother.

Gloria goes her mother and convinces her that the Performing Arts School is exactly what Aline needs to launch her career so Josie accepts the scholarship offer for Aline. In Mexico and Latin America Sergio Andrade is a “Star-Maker” launching the careers of superstars like Crystal, Lucero and created numerous international million-dollar artists of which Sergio promises the same for Aline, all the while, Sergio was falling in love with her, and wooed her to think they would end up together, He begins to spend all his time with Aline as a mentor, father figure, lover, romancing her, writing love songs and saying all the right things. Aline becomes convinced, and she hand’s him her virginity at fourteen to a man more than 20 years her senior. Soon she distances herself from her family at Sergio’s request to conceal. Gloria Trevi now becomes an overnight sensation topping the charts as the original “Rock and Espanol” starlet selling millions of discs. This all was unfolding before the eyes of the young and impressionable Aline, proof that her success was inevitable. Sergio makes Aline one of Gloria’s back-up singers. Aline starts to realize that Sergio has a whole entourage of young women realizing she is not the only woman in Sergio’s life. She is one of many, even Gloria is still with Sergio.

Josie begins to notice a radical change in her daughter’s behavior. She becomes suspicious of the relationship between her teenage daughter and Sergio, and when she confronts Sergio insisting Aline will not continue to be part of his school, Sergio takes Aline away for a few day.  Josie is so furious she files a formal accusation to the authorities. Fearing he would end up in jail, Sergio convinces Aline the only way out is to marry him. Josie tries to stop her 15 year old daughter, but Aline is convinced believing that marriage is her only alternative. The success of Gloria increases Aline’s popularity enabling Sergio to close Aline’s first recording contract.

All the while, Sergio and Gloria continue to recruit twelve and thirteen year old dreamers, and Sergio and Aline’s relationship deteriorate. For fear of loosing control of her, Sergio sabotages her career by killing her record deal. The abuse and solitude make Aline suicidal. In a dream, Aline’s father visits Josie giving her a letter to give to their daughter, to question her choices in life and to urge her not to sell her soul for fame and glory. Aline bravely finds the courage to make her final escape and returns to the love of her family.

After four years of therapy, safe from Sergio and Gloria’s hold, with the aid of her diary, Aline writes and publishes a book. Although many did not believe her, she stood firm in her allegations and influenced many other girls to come forward with the similar stories. This caused the Mexican Authorities to call for an official investigation. Sergio and Gloria left for more than a year and a half. The International police caught up with them in Brazil. Both Sergio and Gloria have been accused of kidnapping, corruption of a minor, and rape in the State of Chihuahua.

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