This Virginian born multimedia artist has always had his sights on Hollywood, at least since high school. Ron’s first recorded work is SNOWYDUSK, an funny action fantasy based on a real life adventure that takes he and friends in the woods near their neighborhood during a snowed-out week of school, when they hunted down, who they thought was, a serial killer. The man they found discovered where they lived, and terrorized them for months. Again, if that didn’t go down on paper, what would.

At the University of Maryland, he went on stage to try his hand at acting. Lucky enough, the UMBC Alumni and Body Heat star, Katherine Turner visited the class to speak. She inspired him. This amplified his quest. Soon after, he transferred to Arizona State University. While attending, he started to work on various advertising, film and television productions. After graduation, Ron found a spot working with Joel and Ethan Coen. They were filming Raising Arizona wearing a number of hats. The education was priceless. Soon his on-camera bookings increased, with work in multiple cities. While visiting Los Angeles, he booked a job with Kim Basinger. Europe and Asia came calling. This catapulted him to travel with contracts nationally and abroad, living and working in some 26 cities. Ron returned to Los Angeles, opening Shining Productions, complete with production and post production gear. Soon after, he founded his corporate structure, Sunscope Entertainment Corporation, and then, he founded his media and tech team division, OhYeahLive, all of which services, partners and collaborates with multiple companies in multiple industries, including, entertainment, US government, California non-profits, health care, tech, medical, apparel and cosmetic, creating and distributing media and marketing productions, including photography, commercials, feature film and television. From branded entertainment to genre-based family, faith, action, romance, horror, thriller, fantasy, to documentaries and biopics, always developing new content, filming, finishing and licensing it all.

Investors and collaborators reach out to Ron because of his ability to create and distribute commercially viable content, on-budget and on-time. His vast array of relationships with crew, talent, celebrities, influencers, broadcasters, networks, studios, exhibitors and brands, make him a valuable asset. Ron Cobert is based in Los Angeles working as a producer, actor, cinematographer, director, editor, photographer and scriptwriter.